miercuri, 7 iulie 2010

Greu cu cititul!

 "The Atlantic Monthly" publică opt teorii care explică de ce studenţii studiază acum mai puţin decât în trecut. Interesant, şi nu prea. De fapt a opta e de bază, restul puteau lipsi liniştit! 

"Students Less Comfortable With Long-Form Reading

 Mother Jones commenter sjw muses, "More and more students are uncomfortable with reading. They read less. They don't enjoy reading. Most of the homework that a professor assigns is reading or involves reading -- it's not just busy work, as a commenter above alleges -- so the 'collective mass' can't handle what professors would like to assign. Whether tv or the internet are to blame is not an argument that need be broached here; clearly, however, the time that a student would put into studying is now going elsewhere."

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