marți, 13 septembrie 2011

GhinIon băsescu!

Vizita lui băsescu la Casa Albă a venit la pachet cu o veste care mai bate un cui în coşciugul mandatului lui Obama: sărăcia în SUA a atins cel mai înalt nivel din ultimii 17 ani. Practic, un american din şase se află sub pragul sărăciei. Situaţia celor fără asigurare medicală nu s-a schimbat. Venitul mediu a scăzut cu circa 7% faţă de maximul din 1999(tot Clinton, săracul!), dar veniturile celor mai săraci, din prima decilă, au scăzut mai mult, cu 12,1%. Celor din prima decilă(ăi mai bogaţi, dar bogaţi nu după fanteziile comatoase ale lui Lăbăroiu!) veniturile le-au scăzut doar cu 1,5%. 

Numărul total al persoanelor sub pragul sărăciei, definit ca fiind un venit anual de 22.314 dolari pentru o familie de patru persoane, este la cel mai înalt nivel din cei 52 de ani de când se colectează acest tip de date statistice.

Spre ce ne îndreptăm?

Merită să citiţi şi câteva dintre reacţiile cititorilor, extrem de porniţi, mi se pare mie, împotriva politicienilor, văzuţi ca slugi ale marii finanţe:

"Very clearly the ruling class, which has been waging all out war on the working class and middle class for 30 years, has won. Surprised anyone?", sau, unul ceva mai lung: 2The time has come to throw out ALL incumbents and to elect NO repubs and NO demos as they are responsible for these senseless wars on all fronts and enabling of the financial crooks= wall streeters, banksters and oil barons...who have stolen tens of trillions from Americans and others around the world...Every chance you can elect an independent who pledges in blood to=
1. End these senseless wars and the killing and maiming of over 500,000 since 9/11 (Brow...See Moren University Study)- bring our troops home and get back to what is called for in the US Constitution “common defence” not the policing of the world and its oceans…close nearly all 700+ foreign military bases and cancel ships, planes and weapons and cut defense, 146 security forces and 16 intel agencies/depts in half or more...this alone would save us $800-900 BILLION a year (these cost us $1.5+ TRILLION in FY 2009 alone).....
2. Get out of other countries business much like China and smarter countries are doing building partnerships not trying to change their way of governing!
3. Taxes- throw away all 70,000+ pages of loop holes and write offs and institute a two tiered progressive flat tax along the lines of - 40,000-249,999 = 12%,250,000 and up = 20%. And all benefits and stock options and such count towards your income...
4. Change ineffective policy- severely cut of close ineffective policies/agencies such as DOE (energy – 35+ years of failure), DEA (end the prohibition costing over a trillion in the last 40 years and filling our jails with more prisoners than any other country in the world- legalize and regulate), doe (education- close down and let states handle), sec/cftc (severely clean house- totally inept as proven by not one significant indictment from the financial debacle), doj (inept- clean house and reduce at all levels), hhs (fix welfare and make people work in order to get any funds) etc. etc.
5. Government needs to be reformed and reduced at all levels including pay cuts (minimum of 10%) for congress, justices, ses/exec/beige book gov workers and reforms to all gov benefits and pensions and all gov execs must sign a three non-compete…this eliminates cronyism.
6. Financial- we must re-regulate the financial community- reinstate the Glass/Steagel Bill and condemn all naked short selling of the market and all leveraged market/commodity plays- on commodities the buyer must take delivery or lose his investment…this stops all precious metal, oil, food and commodity manipulation.
7. Ban all earmarks and lobbyists…..cut all congress and white house staff in half….mandate no laws over 25 pages and get rid of the lawyer’ese in everything and as well mandate that lawyers cannot interpret or refute any law! Additionally term limits are mandatory. Until changes such as these are implemented by politicians representing WE THE PEOPLE and not we the wall streeters, banksters, oil crooks, military industrialist"

"We are becoming a South American banana republic- soon we will have the rich and the poor and nothing in between. In their glee over eliminating the middle-class, however, I wonder if the rich have fully thought this through- who exactly is going to buy the goods that their companies make? And, of course, since you can't get blood from a stone, the entire tax load will fall to the rich, since there will be no middle class. The rich have a history of not thinking things through (Bush in Iraq, greeted with flowers?). I have a feeling this is one of those situations where the old line of "be careful what you wish for, you might just get it" is as true as ever."

"And you know what? Our elected officials in Washington, both in the White House and Congress, really-truly do not care. Repeat that: they do not care. We are rapidly evolving into the socio-economic structure of a third-world country like Mexico, with an elite who are super-rich and control everything, and then a mass of people with varying degrees of poverty and desperation. Carlos Slim, part owner of the NYTimes, is their hero."

"We are entering an era of class warfare. The rich and the moneyed corporate interests and the Republicans in their pockets have been quite bold about this: no healthcare for the poor. No education for the poor. And the middle class is weakening and falling away while the ultrarich control more and more. The truth is, such a society is, overall, a poorer society. What I don't understand is why some middle class and some poor actually support Republican initiatives that make them poorer and hurt their own health and the education of their children. It is a stunning triumph of propaganda, where some people support policies that hurt them, because of false contrived bogeymen like freeloading illegals and welfare queens. And the entire country is suffering for this propaganda bought and paid for by the rich and the corporations who don't want to pay for your health and your education. And some of you agree with it! Insanity. I thought it was "We the people," not "We the rich people and corporations." You who are poor and Republican or middle class and Republican: please take note of the war that is being waged against you, and reevaluate your support for policies which only impoverish you, bought and paid for by propaganda mouth pieces that appeal to your irrational fears rather than your sense of reason."

Avem la ce medita...

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Karakas spunea...

Romania traieste pe alta planeta. Sigur ca dezbaterea in SUA se indreapta spre banci si serviciile financiare "de-regularizate" ( a se citi, impunem noi, bancherii si dealerii financiari regulile de joc, fara control de la stat, sa putem fura cit mai artistic ). Dar , ce mindri suntem ca Basescu s-a-ntilnit cu Obama! Americanii fac din Romania ce vor, sa se puna capra, iar Romania se roaga pe la Inalta Poarta Alba sa mai aduca niste investitori!! Cine sa aduca investitorii? Casa Alba? Hahaha. Pai ce investitor de anvergura e interesat in a investi masiv in Romania la ora asta?

Dar important e ca s-a vazut cu serviciili. Acolo, mare pretenie :)

Béranger spunea...

Mi se rupe de băsescu. Cine pula mea e şi ăsta? un parazit pe care poporul ăsta de labagii îl înghite.

Vremea creşterii a apus, zice un nene care a lucrat o vreme la Banca Mondială: Herman Daly | The End of Growth - We Need A Crisis, And A Change of Values:

"An increase in debt is just a numerical increase. An increase in wealth requires real labor and energy. Money can grow without limits, growth in wealth is limited by the law of entropy and the scarcity of matter and energy. It is an idiocy to get so fixated on the symbolic and mathematical side of the economy and confuse that with real wealth."

"GDP only measures economic activity, but it doesn’t distinguish between beneficial and costly activity. Let us separate them and compare them at the margin."

"You cannot make a sandwich out of labor and capital. You need to grow wheat, you need to harvest vegetables, you need water, you need to feed the people who cultivate the soil and make the sandwich."

Constantin Gheorghe spunea...

Prietene Beranger, asta trebuie s-o înţeleagă lăbarii ăia de pe Wall Street, care fac bani din şobolan. Şi nu e cine ştie ce mare efort să tragi şobolanul de coadă...

Fără ură, dar cu îngrijorare, despre viitor.

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